Plastod turns 100

Plastod turns 100. A whole century lived out through the most crucial moments of the 20th century. Since its establishment, in 1915 by Dr. Umberto Dotta, Plastod has been passed down from father to son like every family business, up to the current third generation.


In 1915 he began producing a corn plaster, easy to sell, and a white zinc oxide dressing, sold in spools, which was used to hold medicated gauzes in place.

Umberto Dotta named his bandages Plastod, which was the combination of the German noun Pflaster, dressing, and Attod, his surname spelled backwards.

With the end of World War I, along with the traditional Plastod products, bandages for kidney, joint and back pain were added, as well as umbilical and post- vaccination bandages, and the "Farmaplasto quick wrap", a bandage equipped with a strip of gauze that could be cut and applied directly to a wound.


In 1951, the single owner of Plastod Dr. Umberto Dotta changed its legal company type to Plastod Srl.

The entire coating process was regenerated by modifying the spreader and its drying system. The vapors were ltered and turned back into a liquid solvent, with an almost total recovery rate.


Plastod morphed into a mostly third party company creating a modern production organization to meet this new demand.

An important step in this direction was taken for the manufacturing of small, ready to use adhesive bandages - called "strips".

In the meantime, the progress in chemistry and in technology had produced new materials for the market that improved the preparation of bandages and adhesive dressings.


Today, 100 years after the rst experimental bandage, created by the initiative of its young founder, Plastod has reached the third generation of the Dotta family.

The Plastod plant in Calderara di Reno is 5,000 square meters in size.

Today Plastod keeps up with the global market by investing in continuous quality research, optimizing production times through technological advances and focusing on ef ciency while respecting Italian and European regulations.

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