Hypor Derm

Hypor Derm

Sterile hydrocolloid dressing


Hypor Derm is indicated for the treatment of non-infected chronic or acute ulcers, lightly to moderate exuding wounds, superficial abrasions and minor burns (two thicknesses available depending on the state of the wound). Maintains the ideal moist wound environment for granulation and epithelialization, thus promoting the healing process.

Instructions for use

Clean, disinfect and dry the wound and the surrounding areas. Treat the wound according to the reference protocol and apply the dressing on the wound. Replace every 3-4 days, depending on the level of exudation and the clinical state of the lesion.
Class IIB sterile medical device

  • Sterile and individually packed
  • Semi-permeable barrier, lets the skin breathe
  • Water and bacteria barrier, reduces the risk of infection
  • Self- Adhesive, no need of additional fixation device
  • Turns into gel absorbing the exudates and preventing fluids leaking
  • Moulds itself to the wound shape, conforms to body contours
  • Gel is removed in a single piece with the dressing, atraumatic removal
  • Leaves no residue on the skin
  • Maintains moist environment
HYPOR Derm Thin

HYPOR Derm Thin

Sterile hydrocolloid dressing 0.35mm
Farmacia  packaging Farmacia   Ospedale  packaging Ospedale  
10x 10x10cm - 0,35mm

REF. 00905

Dim. 10x10cm - 0,35mm
Pcs/box 10
Boxes/crt 11
HYPOR Derm Thick

HYPOR Derm Thick

Sterile hydrocolloid dressing 0.85mm
Farmacia  packaging Farmacia   Ospedale  packaging Ospedale  
10x 10x10cm - 0,85mm

REF. 00907

Dim. 10x10cm - 0,85mm
Pcs/box 10
Boxes/crt 11
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