HYPOR Dress BWT Silver

HYPOR Dress BWT Silver

Adhesive waterproof dressing with Silver


Reduces the risk of infections being e ective on a wide spectrum of bacteria (Pseudomonas Aeriginosa, Staphylococcus Aureus, etc). Acting as an adjuvant in the treatment of leg ulcers, pressure sores, second degree burns, abrasions, skin grafts, skin biopsy areas, dermal abrasions and ostomies.Impermeable protection of surgical wounds, super cial wounds and cuts.

Instructions for use

Clean, disinfect and dry the wound and its perimeter. Remove one of the two protective liners bringing the adhesive side close to the skin and apply the first half of the dressing with the aid of the fingers to make well adhere the film from the center of the dressing to the outside. Remove the second protective liner and apply the other half of the film without stretching. Shape the film on the skin, paying particular attention to the edges to ensure a good adhesion and the water and bacteria resistance. Remove the dorsal protective liner by the blue invitation band, avoiding to touch the central absorbent wound pad during application. Renew if necessary, accordingly to the quantity of exudates and to the state of the wound. For a proper removal gently lift one corner at a time or just one of them by pulling progressively towards the longitudinal direction of the wound.
Class IIB sterile medical device

  • Sterile and individually packed
  • Ready to use
  • Water and bacteria barrier, allows to wash the area without wetting the wound.
  • Extremely elastic substrate and highly conformable
  • Permeable to air and water vapor, lets the skin breatheand avoids the risk of maceration
  • Strong initial and persistent adhesion that allows a painless removal, leaves no residue on the skin
  • Central wound pad with silver non adherent layer+ 100% natural antibacterial action
  • Kills the dangerous micro-organisms,ensuring the microbiological control of the dressing
  •  Effective absorption of exudates, provides reliable protection and an atraumatic removal
  • Protection and an atraumatic removal
  • Protective liners easy removable with gloves
  • Quick and easy application
HYPOR Dress BWT Silver

HYPOR Dress BWT Silver

Adhesive waterproof dressing with Silver
Farmacia  packaging Farmacia
5x 5x7,2cm

REF. 01841

Dim. 5x7,2cm
Pad 2,8x3,8cm
Pcs/box 5
Boxes/crt 96
5x 10x8 cm

REF. 01846

Dim. 10x8 cm
Pad 5x4cm
Pcs/box 5
Boxes/crt 40
5x 8x15cm

REF. 01849

Dim. 8x15cm
Pad 3,8x10,5cm
Pcs/box 5
Boxes/crt 32
Ospedale  packaging Ospedale
50x 10x12,5 cm

REF. 01845

Dim. 10x12,5 cm
Pad 5x7,5cm
Pcs/box 50
Boxes/crt 6
50x 10x20 cm

REF. 01848

Dim. 10x20 cm
Pad 5x15cm
Pcs/box 50
Boxes/crt 6
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