100 year of Plastod


Plastod has been on the market for over 100 years, from its foundation in 1915 thanks to Dr. Umberto Dotta, Plastod has passed from father to son, according to the tradition of family businesses, up to the current third generation.


In 1915, began the manufacture of the easy-to-sell corn patch and the white zinc oxide patch, wrapped in spools, which was used to fix the dressings bandages. Umberto Dotta gave his patches the name Plastod, which synthesized the German noun Pflaster – patch – and Attod – his surname in reverse. After the end of the First World War, patches were added for pain in the kidneys, joints and lumbar muscles, umbilical and post-vaccination patches, and the “Pharmaplast rapid bandage”, a patch equipped with a strip of gauze, to be cut and to be applied directly to the wound.


In 1951, Dr. Umberto Dotta’s individual company Plastod changed its legal form to Plastod Srl. The entire coating process is modernized by modifying the coating machine and the drying system of the coating. The exhalations were filtered and brought back to the state of liquid solvent, with an almost total recovery.


Plastod is transformed into a predominantly subcontractor company, creating a modern production organization for this purpose. A significant step in this direction was taken for the manufacture of small adhesive bandages ready for use – the so-called “Strips”.

Meanwhile, the development of chemistry and technology had brought new materials to the market that improved the preparation of plasters and adhesive bandages.


A 100 years since the first experimental bandage born from the initiative of its young founder, Plastod has reached the third generation of the Dotta family.

The Plastod plant in Calderara di Reno covers an area of approximately 10.000 square meters.

Today, Plastod competes in the global market by continuously pursuing quality, optimizing production times through technical evolution, and focusing on efficiency while adhering to Italian and international production standards.

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