Plastod has a century of experience in the process of converting raw materials into finished products, which has enabled the company to constantly expand the range of production processes and skills developed.

Each process is carried out in-house at the historic headquarters in Via Masetti in Calderara di Reno - Bologna.

Bonding / Adhesivity

Plastod uses different types of acrylic and silicone adhesives

  • Acrylic Adhesives: offer different characteristics, from strong adhesiveness on waterproof products to gentle removal from fragile skin
  • Silicone adhesives: ideal for use on advanced dressings for non-stick fixation and absence of tissue granulation

Precision die-cutting

  • High-speed rotary die cutting
  • Customization of shapes according to the Customer’s specifications
  • Linear vision systems for centering and positioning control
  • Perforation and Microperforation


  • Custom digital and flexographic printing
  • Printing on adhesive supports in Non- Woven and films (in Polyurethane, Polyethylene, etc.).
  • Primary and secondary packaging printing
  • Online printing and Sensitive Data (RD Data Matrix, Bar Code, etc.).

Multilayer lamination

  • Multilayer lamination with hot calenders or hot melt adhesive machine
  • Plastod can laminate different materials using fusible films/web with hot melt adhesive, providing high levels of anchorage and breathability


Sterilization methods by irradiation (gamma rays, and other types of rays) and by treatment with Ethylene Oxide gas are typically applicable to our products.


  • Plastod offers the possibility to package products manually or automatically
  • Primary packaging integrated into the production line
  • Secondary packaging based on customer specifications

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