Plastod provides a turn-key service to Customers by appointing a dedicated Project Manager to pursue the dialogue between Customer’s entities and the internal project-team. In respect of project management principles, the PM involves all relevant functions needed and every activity belonging to R&D, scaling-up, industrialization, supply & logistic, QA & RA are coordinated and optimized for the success of the project.
Here the main phases through which Plastod accelerates Your Speed-to-Market:


Concept Feasibility

Customer requirements and specifications represent the bases for mutual reasonings. The pluri-decennial experience of our R&D dept. assists the Customer in the Proof of Concept

Design Input

Functional and performance criteria are explored upon user needs and intended use. Key goals are set in terms of performance, functional, regulatory and safety requirements. First prototypes are quickly made and shared with Customer

Design Process

By scaling-up the production process up to the validation batches allows to grant the industrial feasibility of the device main

Usability and Design Validation

Intended use and indication for use are studied to assure the requirements. Biocompatibility testing of all materials, package integrity tests are part of this validation

Design Output

All components needed are described including drawings, manufacturing instructions, specifications, inspection procedures.

Design Verification and Transfer

Design Output are matched with Input according to a protocol.

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