Since 1915 Plastod has been active in supporting companies operating in the Woundcare Medical Device sector, thanks to a clear vision and well-established values over time.

Our Vision

We are trusted partners for development and manufacturing of innovative wound care dressings.

Knowledge of Production Processes and Materials:

Since 1915 Plastod has been active in the development of the most efficient production solutions combined with the most innovative materials


Plastod is able to offer specific tailor-made solutions for each Partner together with the supply of the related prototypes

Production in Italy

Plastod has always been present in Italy. In its headquarters it combines Research and Development with the Production Site, to the advantage of attention to the Quality and Care of its creations

Our Value

Since its foundation in 1915 Plastod has placed the Customer at the center of its activities, as a fundamental element in creating an open dialogue based on mutual respect.

Thanks to our customers, Plastod has grown over time and has developed by taking up the challenges that have arisen, leveraging on values that have always distinguished us, with the aim of trying to satisfy even the most demanding requests.


in the creation of relationships of trust with Customers, Suppliers and Collaborators


thanks to the evolution of skills, care and product safety


through creativity and curiosity to guide investments in technologies and programs.


taking care of people, the territory and sustainability

Efficiency and Flexibility

thanks to the continuous improvement of the organization and processes

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