Plastod spa is an Italian company, a leader in the development and production of advanced wound care products for the protection of all types of injury.


At its headquarters in Calderara di Reno, Plastod operates through 50 production lines of advanced wound care products on over 9000sqm of floor space in its factories.

Our production processes are applied to Converting and Coating activities and, thanks to the contribution of more than 100 production staff employees, have enabled the production of over 400 million pieces during 2021.

Product families made
Foam Dressing
Post Operative Dressing
Advanced Wound Dressing
Strips and Meters

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Foam pad with silicone gel adhesive and perforated silicone layer

3D Non adhesive sterile polyurethane foam dressing, anatomic for the heel

Soft Foam Dressing with Silicone Adhesive for Tracheostomy

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